Serviced apartments Budapest can offer

serviced apatment in Budapest

Budapest has excellent prices compaired to the other popular central european capitals like Vienna, Prague or Bratislava. If you want to have a nice time you should definetaly visit Hungary’ jewel. But you will also need a great place to rest and usually hotels are a bit out of reach as prices go. On the other hand nobody really likes hostels which are quite crowded and noisy even late at night. So a good solution for accomodation can be the booking of a serviced apartment in Budapest.  These type of aparthotels are a great compromise between the luxury of a hotel room and the inexpensiveness of a hostel. Moreover ou have great flexibility as well with these type of accomodations. Room services and amenities, large spaces and relative closeness to the city center. If you really want to experience the whole thing in the hungarian capital than you must try some traditional hungarian dishes. But it is also fun to make them yourself. The serviced aparthotels have fully furnished kitchens and dining rooms where you can invite new and old friends alike for an evening of relaxation after exploring Budapest.